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December 18

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Well here we are in the second major shelter in place mandate and much has changed for many of us since the first ‘SIP’ back in March. Within a span of weeks I left an agency job in San Francisco and like many women it seemed that my responsibilities shifted overnight, to homeschool my son. Also like many small families, we were sheltering in our smallish city apartment, running as many as three Zoom’s at any given time. By May, we were ready for a change, which brings us here, to our childhood home, to Destination Carmel.

Our growing community has used a variety of terms to describe what Destination Carmel means to them:

Understated luxury, subtle elegance, and rustic simplicity.

It’s exciting to hear such strong reflections on what dC is about. The thread that weaves through everything we offer is rooted in the land, the heritage, and the inspired living that is Destination Carmel.

Every object that we present to you is the result of intentional curation.

We look for pieces that approachable, yet luxurious; high quality craftsmanship but with an understated finish— objects that are meant to be used, cherished, and then passed on. When achieved, these characteristics give your Destination Carmel objects a meditative value and inspiring to use.

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I will go to the lovely Sur Rivers, and dip my arms in them up to the shoulders.
I will find my accounting where the alder leaf quivers, inn the ocean wind over the river boulders. - Robinson Jeffers

Meditations on California Oaks

William Guion Fine Art

Bill Guion has mastered capturing the "sense of place" through his photographic work on the Monterey Peninsula. Destination Carmel's William Guion Collection includes notable subject matter. Oak in Fog is a single oak along the Vasquez Trail on the Santa Lucia Preserve. Other pieces like Guion's Ridges, was shot lookin geast, deep in Carmel Valley, from the end of East Vasquez Trail in a remote section of the Santa Lucia Preserve. It emphasizes the undulating ridges of oak savannah and golden summer grass that are iconic of the Central Coast and Carmel Valley. Land and nature symbolism has long been used by artists and writes like Carmel's Robinson Jeffers and Nobel prize winner, John Steinbeck. I enthusiastically recommend a peak at The William Guion Collection if a sense of place resonates with you. 



A Traditional Hide

Hollow Bone

Here's the deal. Hollow Bone's founder, Shele Jessee, is the real deal and every collection she publishes sells out within hours. Her Smoked Tanned Traditional Hides are classic California -  high quality craftsmanship with an understated finish. Each hide is tanned in house, in California, by hand, using old-world traditional tanning practices. The finished Traditional Hide has a natural, organic quality and feel, that is more consistent of a handmade item. Shele also processes mineral tanned artisan hides which have a more commercial look and feel, and a supple consistency. 


Copper Tin-Lined Cookware

Sertado Copper

In the late nineties, Jonathan Bell started working with Copper and selling it throughout the United States from the back of his old truck nick-named 'El Macho'. Today, Sertado Copper produces heirloom quality copper goods made by master artisans in their shops located in Austin, Texas and Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan. 

These products are designed to become heirlooms and made for generations to use and appreciate. With function comes beauty: warm patinas, polished shine, socializing, cooking, and enjoying home, family and health. And, it's a perfect time to perfect your stock or make a Julia Child worthy omelette.

The Inspired Living that is the California Coast

Mohair Throw

Evangeline Linens
This throw delivers on understated luxury. The mohair-wool blend creates a beautiful, feathery texture and the earthy color palette results in an elegant design. This collection has a variety of hues to choose from which I love as I look to refresh the textiles throughout our spaces., Evangeline Linens Mohair Throw


Custom Furnishings

Bee, Bark, & Moss

Bee, Bark, and Moss are known for their line of hand painted bags and soft furnishings, all fabricated from natural, locally sourced materials. The owners, Minori and Philip, both attended prestigious design schools and it makes sense that they'd return to their roots to expand their services to custom fabrication and design services. Shown above is their recent work is impressive- custom cushions on an antique daybed.  When the time is right, a visit to their studio is an experience in itself and a great place to start your next project. While your there, pick up one of their bags.

Bee, Bark & Moss Custom Cushions on Antique Daybed


Destination Carmel is the land, the heritage, and the inspired living that is the California coast.